Last April, 2009, I decided to go vegan whole-hog (no-hog ha ha). I wasn’t happy about it. I work a lot. I’m the mother of 3. Life has many demands. I love meat (especially lamb) and cheese. In fact at one point I was an aspiring cheese maker. But I had a bunch of minor health issues that the traditional medical establishment wouldn’t (couldn’t?) deal with so I went the alternative route. I started seeing a holistic medical practitioner named Jeanette and she encouraged me to go vegan. I dabbled on the edges for months – actually, almost years – until she said “Ruth, you’re not getting the hint. You need to go vegan.” So I did. It was hard but I bought about 10 cook books, devoted myself to research and experimentation, and promised myself to keep an open mind. Andrew (my awesome, handsome, totally supportive husband) said “It’s just food. Cook it. Eat it. See what happens.” So that was my approach. And now I love it. We both love it. It has solved not only my initial minor health issues but so many more. It’s been quite a journey. And others have followed it asking me for advice, recipes, ideas, and support. After a few emails I decided to just stick it all on a blog. So here’s V:OOD. I hope you like it and find some inspiration here – or at the very least, some good, tasty recipes.


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