I am the co-founder of Small Change Fund. My passion is in seeding good ideas and cultivating their growth from seed to root to branch. Over the arc of my career in environmental philanthropy I have been involved in many different “acts of creation,” the latest one being Small Change Fund. Prior to Small Change Fund, I was the first Director of the Unilever Canada Foundation, working within a corporate environment to lead the company in environmental philanthropy and community engagement. I was the founding Chair of the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network spear-heading the first affinity group of its kind in the country turning an early conversation between a handful of funders into an international network of now over 50 members. I sat on the founding advisory committee of the Laidlaw Foundation’s Children and Environmental Health program helping to initiate a key program on toxics reduction in Canada. Most recently, I was the first Environment Program Director at the Metcalf Foundation that has been the cornerstone of innovative environmental policy funding in Ontario. As well, I am on the founding board of the newly established Prince Edward County Community Foundation, helping to shape the organization into an effective change agent for local action.

More importantly, I live in Toronto with my husband and three children and spend as many weekends as I can on our farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada (just downstream from Toronto) where I grow and eat a lot of garlic. Food has become increasingly important to me and my family and, as a result, I’ve started this vegan journey.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I’m loving your Vegan journey. Can I come?

  2. Hop right on the wagon baby and enjoy the ride!

  3. Susan Wright Says:

    Hi! You have endless energy! I’m thrilled to hear about this new blog – I’m spending a lot more time at home and cooking is going to become a priority. Thanks for sharing.

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